Dog falls off 90m cliff and lives to 'tweet' the tale

This article is more than 12 months old

An Irish terrier fell from a 90m-high cliff. Amazingly, it survived not just the fall but also the plunge into the sea.

Owner Deirdre O'Shaughnessy was honeymooning in Italy with her newly wedded husband, Mr Brian Stokes, when the bizarre incident happened. Her parents were looking after the dog named Vimes.

BBC reported that Ms O'Shaughnessy's parents took Vimes out for a walk in Ireland when, somehow, Vimes slipped from her father's hand and ran straight over the cliff.

According to the report, the family immediately contacted the emergency services and the Irish Coast Guard swung into action to save the poor dog.

Pooch's incredible feat

Mr Martoni Vaughan, the officer in charge of the unit that rescued Vimes, said that they spotted the pooch 40 minutes after they were alerted.

While it was not known how the dog was able to survive such a high fall, Mr Vaughn added that Vimes did not appear to be hurt in any way.

In fact, Vimes also managed to update his Twitter bio.

Among his feats: The fact that he once walked off a cliff.

Photo: Twitter screen grab

Yes, Vimes has a Twitter account though he does not manage it, as dogs have yet to master the ability to tweet.

The account was set up in 2012 by his owner Mr Brian Stokes, for the very human reason that he was bored.

Being the good dog that he is, Vimes included a thank-you tweet to the Irish coast guard for saving him.

As long as Vimes stays well away from massive cliffs, we're sure his owners would be happy.

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