Dog killings in JB were a “terrible mistake”

This article is more than 12 months old

Photo: G.Suhanthan / The Star

Staff at the Johor Baru Central Municipal Council (MPJBT) were caught on camera beating stray dogs to death.

The video clip went viral online and the Council's president has since admitted that plain clothes enforcement officers were behind the brutal acts and it a "terrible mistake".

Residents living near the Council reportedly heard the dogs barking, howling and growling. 

The witness, G. Suhanthan, 28, who took the video of the incident last Thursday said: "I was shocked by the cruelty... I could hear the dogs crying in pain and blood spilling all over the place."

He said it lasted about 20 minutes. 

Sallehuddin Hassin, the council president, said it would take the matter seriously and was quoted by The Star in Malaysia saying: "We will review the standard operating procedure to put stray dogs to sleep humanely."

"We will also look into the possiblities of outsourcing the job (catching of stray dogs) to professional dog catchers."


Source: The Star