Down Syndrome baby abandoned, surrogate mum has no money to treat him

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His Australian parents allegedly abandoned him when they found out he has Down Syndrome.

Now, his Thai surrogate mother is trying to raise funds for the six-month-old's care.

She has received over A$50,000 (S$58,000) in donations after the couple allegedly refused to take him home.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Gammy could die because his impoverished Thai surrogate mother cannot pay for treatment of his congenital heart condition.

Gammy has Down's Syndrome

The Australians had offered 21-year-old Pattharamon Janbua A$11,700 (S$13,500) to carry their baby. But after she gave birth to twins - a boy and a girl - they only took the girl home.


The couple, who remained anonymous, reportedly told Ms Janbua to have an abortion when they found out four months into the pregnancy that one of the babies had Down syndrome.

"I would like to tell Thai women – don't get into this business as a surrogate," Ms Janbua was quoted as saying.

"Don't just think only of money ... if something goes wrong no one will help us and the baby will be abandoned from society, then we have to take responsibility for that."

Thai surrogate mom desperate to raise funds for abandoned baby

Ms Janbua is a Buddhist and believes abortion is a sin.

She originally agreed to become a surrogate mother because of her family's financial problems. The  arrangement was set-up through an agency.

She alleged that the agent has yet to pay her the entire amount promised.

A Hope For Gammy campaign was set up on Go Fund Me and has been inundated by donations, Mail Online reported.

Parents slammed

In the comments posted to the page by donors, Gammy’s Australian parents have been viciously attacked.

“What a disgrace these parents are (if you can call them parents),” one person wrote.

Another said: “Honestly who ever they are they don’t deserve to be parents in abandoning (their) son just because he is sick, how dare they even be called parents, shame on them.

"I too hope they are found and held accountable for this.”

Meanwhile latest reports said the baby has been rushed to hospital with a lung infection, and the mum feels that he will not make it.

Sources: Sydney Morning Herald, Mail Online, Hope for Gammy campaign

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