Dreamt of sleeping at Ikea? Some families will have that chance

Have you ever walked through the showrooms at Ikea and pretended it's your home?

Well, three Australian famili​es will live out that fantasy for one night.

In a partnership with Airbnb, Ikea is offering three families a chance to spend a night in an Ikea store in Sydney.

The cost of this exciting experience? Just $11AUD (S$12.80) a night! 

The three rooms have different themes: Rustic charm, modern elegance and inner city living.

"Airbnb gives people access to the most unique listings around the world from treehouses to yurts to villas, and now we're adding Ikea to the list," said Eva Ross, local operations lead at Airbnb Australia.

Now you can enact that adorable scene from 500 Days of Summer!



Unfortunately, this is only a one-day event limited to Australians.

On the upside, here are other equally cool listings at airbnb:

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Source: Airbnb, Time