Drunken thief caught napping in victim’s bed

It was raining heavily, so a man decided to curl up in bed and watch television.

The only problem? The man was a thief and he was still in his victim's house.

M. Ponmuthu, 24, was returning to his rented house in Tamil Nadu, India after a night of drinking when he noticed that the door of his neighbour’s house was unlocked, reported Malaysia Nanban.

Rest in bed

The drunken construction worker sneaked into the house and took a DVD and a mobile phone.

As it was raining heavily, he decided to rest in bed and watch television. Ponmuthu then fell asleep.

When the house owner, Nirmal Rajkumar, 33, returned at around 3.30am, he was shocked to find someone sleeping in his bed.

He called the police, who arrested the thief.

Source: The Star