Dutch woman fakes a five-week holiday in Southeast Asia, but why?

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25-year-old Zilla van der Born took the phrase "fake it until you make it" to a whole new level.

She posted pictures that made it seem as if she was on a five week holiday through Southeast Asia. In reality: She never stepped out of her home city Amsterdam.

With some creativity and Photoshop flair, the Dutch woman managed to convince her friends and family that she was soaking in the warm climate of Thailand, Cambodia and Laos, the Daily Mail reported.

The only person who was in on the whole thing was her boyfriend. He helped her take the "holiday snaps".

For example, this clever shot of her reflection while riding a tuk-tuk is actually the result of... you guessed it, Photoshop.

Photo: Vimeo screengrab/ Zilla van den Born


What about this photo of her next to a monk? Not Photoshop, right?

Photo: Vimeo screengrab/ Zilla van den Born

There's no digital manipulation at work.

She did actually have a photo taken in a temple next to a monk, just that it was in Amsterdam.

Photo: Vimeo screengrab/ Zilla van den Born

Why did she do it?

Turns out it was part of her graduation project for her university.

The graphic designer said on her website that she wanted to show how we create an "online ideal world", which can never be met in reality.

We say she succeeded in proving her point.

Although we're slightly miffed that she didn't Photoshop herself into the many tourist attractions around Singapore. 

Is the Merlion not good enough for you, Miss Zilla van den Born?

Sources: Daily Mail, Vimeo