Off-duty cop accidentally shoots himself in the stomach

Dramatic footage captured from an elevator surveillance camera shows the night an off-duty policeman accidentally shoot himself in the stomach after fumbling his firearm.   

In the 2-minute clip, Kentucky officer Darryl Jouett and his wife enter the elevator in Ohio after a dinner date on Friday (Jan 2).  

Balancing boxes on one hand, Joulett removes his semiautomatic handgun from his holster and tries to re-holster it.

But weapon appears to get caught in his jacket and triggers.

The bullet hits Joulett in the stomach after ricocheting off the elevator door.


As he collapses into a kneeling position, his startled wife tries to call the police.

Joulett eventually musters enough strength to stand up and walk.               

He was taken to University of Cincinnati Medical Center where he was treated for his non-life threatening injuries. 

"He was transitioning the holster and transitioning the gun out of his holster," said Cincinnati Capt. Michael John.  

"He was going to carry it in his hand as they walked to the car. As he was pulling the gun from the holster, a round discharged, ricocheted in the elevator, struck him in the stomach."

Joulett is currently recuperating his home, according to WCPO.

Source: Mail Online, WCPO 

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