Dying woman's selfless Valentine's Day gift to her husband: I'll find you a new wife

How would you shower your significant other with affection?

Give them chocolates, flowers or a romantic dinner?

Terminally ill Clare Mauremootoo didn't do any of these.

What the 39-year-old did on Valentine's Day in 2007 had a more lasting impact: She chose to give her husband John the best gift of all - a lifetime of happiness.

Gifting happiness: In life and in death, Clare Mauremooto was determined her husband would be happy - so she helped him find a new wife. ST File Photo


She had been diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2006 - a condition that her aunt had died from earlier.

The disease left the muscles weak, affecting her ability to walk, speak, swallow or breathe.

Despite being in the final stages of her struggle, she was determined to find another woman who could take care of her spouse and sons, 10-year-old Jack and 7-year-old Ben.

So she set him up on dates with hospice nurses.

There was just a small problem: Her husband of 11 years wasn't ready to let her go.

Five months after being diagnosed, she was so weak that she saw her sons for the last time on Feb 11.

Mr Mauremootoo told Mirror UK:

"She said she felt like she didn’t have long and got upset she wouldn’t live to see our boys grow up. But she smiled when she saw them, kissed and cuddled them."

The couple spent their Valentine's Day together, looking through old photographs and reminiscing.

Despite her condition, she still tried to suggest potential dates for him.

He recalled:

"She would (also) say, 'I don’t mind how you meet someone.'

"She even suggested our friends! I felt like it was all happening too quickly."

Mrs Mauremootoo died five days after Valentine's on Feb 19. 

But Mr Mauremootoo has granted his wife's dying wish, by finding love again and marrying nurse Julie Macfarlane in 2012.

Sources: Mirror UK, The Clare Viva Towner Mauremootoo Tribute Fund

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