Ebola: Health care worker under quarantine on holiday cruise

​A Dallas health care worker, who handled clinical specimens from the Ebola-infected patient who died in the US, is on a cruise ship in the Carribean.

It has been reported that the worker has since quarantined herself and her family. They remain isolated in their cabin as they are monitored for signs of infection.

“The worker has voluntarily remained in the cabin and the State Department and cruise line are working to bring the worker back to the U.S. out of an abundance of caution.”  - The State Department, in a press release

The hospital worker on the cruise, which is called Carnival Magic, is said to have had no direct contact with the Liberia patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, who died of the disease.

The authorities state that she has not had a fever or demonstrated any symptoms.



 The ship was denied entry at ports in Belize and Mexico, where they were supposed to disembark at Cozumel, forcing the ship to return to Texas.

A reporter who was on board the cruise for a vacation said that people on board are not panicking.



Source: ABC News, New York Post