Ebola patient escapes from quarantine van

This shocking footage shows the moment an Ebola patient who escape quarantine in search of food is forced into the back of a van after being recaptured.

The footage was captured in Monrovia, Liberia, in West Africa, which is currently in the grip of an Ebola epidemic.

The man was wearing a red T-shirt marked with a tag telling people he has tested positive for Ebola.

He had reportedly escaped from doctors at a local hospital, The Mirror reported.

In the video, he is seen walking through a market, searching for food with medics in protective gear following him and urging him to get back into the van.

He is then pushed into the truck before being driven away.

Health workers push an Ebola patient who escaped from quarantine from Monrovia's Elwa hospital, into an ambulance in still image taken from a video

Watch the video here.

Source: The Mirror, Reuters