Ex-con donates kidney to ailing stranger

He had spend four years in jail for grievous bodily harm.

Now Mr Wesley Joyce, 32, wants to atone for his sins.

The Worcester-based man is giving one of his kidneys to a stranger, a 34-year-old mother of two.

Ms Sally-Anne Grainger has dialysis three times a week, The Mirror reported. Her kidneys were damaged by pills she had to take after a lung transplant in 2009.

Said Mr Joyce: “I thought, ‘I must change’. This is a start. I can’t have kids losing their mum.”

The Daily Mail reported that Ms Grainger was delighted at finding a match, and is set to undergo the operation at Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital in the next few months.

She said he was giving her the "gift of life".

Source: The Mirror, The Daily Mail