Family of dying girl, 6, wants to get her a lifetime of Christmas cards

If you're thinking of sending Christmas cards this year, you may want to get a special one for this little girl in the United States.

Addie Fausett, 6, suffers from an undiagnosed condition, and doctors believe she won't last over a year.

So her family is hoping the little girl will receive a lifetime of Christmas cards this festive season.



The little girl stopped growing at the age of three and now weighs just 10.5kg.

Addie's mother told, Utah news website: "She doesn't get to play with kids, so we thought if everyone would send her a card, we could tell all her friends it would make her Christmas a little bit better.

"(We’re) hoping to get a lot so we can cover all the walls with them, for Addie."

To find out more about Addie, check out her Facebook page here.

Want to send Addie a card? Her address is Box 162, Fountain Green, Utah 84632, United States

Sources: Mail Online,

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