Family forgets child, leaves him in R&R area along M'sian North-South Expressway

A boy, 8, was abandoned by his family at a petrol station in an R&R area along the Malaysian North-South Expressway after his father absent-mindedly drove home without him on Sunday (Dec 14). 

According to Sinar Harian, the family had forgotten that they had left young Iskandar Zulkarnain in the toilet. 

A couple from Changlun, Kedah, saw the boy in tears and chased after his father's car, calling out to them.

"We tried chasing after the father’s vehicle, but to no avail," said Siti Masmerah Arifin, 38.

Siti Masmerah and her husband took the boy to a wedding in Bagan Serai, Perak, while trying to find a way of contacting the child's parents. 

After the wedding, Iskandar told the couple that his father was "PU Yeop" and that they lived in Simpang.


The boy was later reunited with his family at around 3.30pm on the same day. 

“With Iskandar’s help and directions, we drove over to his house where the boy and his family were reunited,” Siti Masmerah said

Iskandar's father said he realised his son was missing after arriving home. 

He added that he had been preoccupied with a religious talk he was set to deliver in Kuala Kangsar.  

He had called the police and the highway operator upon discovering his son's disappearance. 

Source: The Star Online