Father allegedly has disabled infant daughter buried alive

Police in north China's Shanxi Province have detained a man, identified as Wang, on Thursday (Oct 30) for allegedly having his disabled newborn buried while she was alive. 

According to Xinhua, police said the baby was found alive in a paper box on the morning of Oct 18 in Fengkou Village, Zhangdian Township in Pinglu County. 

The discovery was made by a shepherd who said he noticed someone disturbing the earth on Oct 16.

However, he only decided to investigate the site two days later.

Police said they believe the infant was buried by three friends of Wang.


Wang, along with one of his friends, identified as Tian, who is suspected of burying the baby, were detained on Monday (Oct 27).

Cao and Zheng, Wang's two other friends, have remained under house arrest, said police.  

During his wife's pregnancy, Wang was made aware of his daughter's probable complications by doctors.

On Oct 16, Wang's daughter was born with a missing right earflap.

Fearing that more complications would follow, Wang informed his friends that his baby had died.

He then asked his friends to bury her without his wife's knowledge. 

Source: Xinhua, via Global Times

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