Father bit baby girl on forehead, shook and hit her till she died

A deep cut to the liver. Five rib fractures. Bleeding on the brain and eyes. Bruises and abrasions on the body. Two bite marks on the head.

These are the injuries a two-month-old baby girl suffered at the hands of her father.

The infant had been left in the care of her father while her mother was at work on Sept 5 last year.

The dad, Aurimas Medvedevas, 23, killed his daughter by hitting and shaking her violently, a UK court heard.

The mother, 22-year-old Dzesika Urbikaite, found her daughter dead in her cot when returned home, reported BBC News.

Died accidently

The Lithuanian man initially denied hurting the baby, but later claimed baby Aukse died accidentally after falling off the bed and hitting the cot.

He changed his story again after that, saying he had shaken his baby and thrown her on the bed, from which she fell to the floor, Mirror reported.

The prosecutor said Medvedevas had not accounted for all the injuries, including the bite which matched his teeth imprint, reported Sky News.

Said the prosecutor: "For reasons known only to him but which may well be rooted in the pressures of home life and his own inability to cope with the change in his circumstances, he took hold of his own baby, he bit her on the head, he struck her repeatedly and he shook her hard.

"As a result of all that she died, not immediately, but a few hours later. As he committed those acts of violence against baby Aukse he must have intended to kill her or cause her really serious harm. That is murder."

Sources: BBC News, Sky News, Mirror

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