Father stole his own children's Christmas presents

Santa keeps two lists - one for the naughty, one for the nice. 

Joshua Seivwright found himself on the former list.

The 20-year-old from Wales broke into a home to steal his own children's Christmas presents after an altercation with his partner Katie Thomas. 

When told to "stay away" from the house by Ms Thomas, a court heard how Mr Seivwright told her: "If you’re not going to let me in, I’ll break in."

Followed by: "You’ve ruined my Christmas, so I’ll ruin yours."

Which he did.

CCTV footage showed Mr Seivwright breaking into the house through a window six days before Christmas.

He stole his two sons' Playstation and games which he later sold at a game shop.

Mean burglary

Mr Seivwright was arrested and sentenced to eight months in prison. 

He confessed that the burglary was conducted just weeks after his release from prison for a similar offence.

"You stole your children’s Christmas presents. This was a mean burglary," said the judge. 

Source: Metro, South Wales Evening Post