Firefighters save cat using tiny oxygen mask

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When firefighters went inside a home in Columbia, South Carolina, they found a cat.

It was unresponsive, but the men were prepared with a pet oxygen mask, South Carolina TV station WLTX reported

They then took it outside and began using chest compressions and oxygen to revive the cat.

After several minutes, the cat regained consciousness, the officers said.

The cat, Soldier, is recovering and the owner has been located.

“I appreciate everything you’ve done and everything you guys do,” Soldier’s owner told the lifesavers, reported Huffington Post.

Pet-saving equipment

Columbia’s pet-saving equipment came through donations to Wag’N 02 Fur Life.

According to the site, pets, unlike humans, often do not run out from a fire. They look for a hiding place inside. This leaves them vulnerable to asphyxiation.

The Wag’N 02 Fur Life programme has now supplied 6,200 pet oxygen mask kits to more than 2,925 fire and EMS departments, the website estimated.

You can watch the video here

Source: WLTX, Huffington Post


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