Five teens charged for sick ice bucket challenge prank on autistic boy

Five teenagers have been charged after it was found that they allegedly dumped a bucket of urine, tobacco, faeces and then spat on an autistic teen during an ice bucket challenge.

All were charged with disorderly conduct while three also faced an additional charge of delinquency and assault.

They were between 14 and 16 years old.

The disgusting prank took place on Aug 18, at the peak of the ice bucket challenge craze - where people dumped buckets of iced water on themselves for charity.

The bullies filmed the prank on the 15-year-old boy's phone, which his mother later discovered.

Kept silent

The boy's mother, Diane, said that the victim was too embarrassed and so did not tell anyone about the prank.

But wanting to raise awareness of how he was bullied, Diane shared the video on Instagram, which quickly went viral.

She said: "The bucket challenge is supposed to be raising awareness for this disease and now they’ve turned it into a sick joke.

"I just can’t understand why kids would do something this cruel." 

Celebrities like Drew Carey showed their support towards the boy and had even offered US$10,000 (S$12,630) to find the responsible culprits.

Source: Mail Online

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