Five of the worst contraceptives in history

New York-based non-profit organisation EngenderHealth put up a video on YouTube on Monday listing the worst contraceptives in history. And, boy, were there strange ideas.

We're talking crocodile dung, weasel testicles and whole lot of other disgusting techniques. Needless to say, none of them actually worked.

The video was part of the Where's The Family Planning!? campaign, which promotes access to contraceptives for women in developing countries.

Here are five of the worst contraceptives ever.

1. Crocodile dung mixed with honey

This disgusting mix was used as a spermicide but not just for 'buayas' (slang for skirt chasers)​. Ew, ew, ew.

2. Weasel testicles

People believed wearing them while having sex would prevent pregnancy and anger weasels. Well, at least they didn't have to eat it or rub it anywhere.

3. Onion juice

It's all about the layers with this proposition. We just hope it tasted like onion soup.

4. Blacksmith's water

This awful brew was filled with lead, which is toxic. For C​asanovas who lead women astray. Ok, even we admit that's a bad pun.

5. Beaver testicles mixed with moonshine

We don't even want to know what this tasted like. This did nothing except get people drunk and turn beavers into eunuchs.

To learn of more crazy contraceptives that were used in the past, watch the video here.

Source: EngenderHealth