'Flight from hell': Chaos on Ryanair flight after passenger punches man, threatens to blow up aircraft

Ryanair passengers had to endure a chaotic flight from Malaga to North West Leicestershire, England, when a fellow passenger threatened to blow up the aircraft. 

The man, reportedly drunk and bare-chested, also began lighting cigarettes and even punched an elderly man. 

The elderly man's wife, Leicester resident Hazel Hickson, 53, told The Telegraph the man started making "strange noises" ten minutes into the flight. 

She then observed that a couple who were sitting close to him asked to be moved. 

The man then stood up and "said he could take the plane down". Another passenger heard him he say he had three bombs. 

Later, he lit up a cigarette, and started "either verbally or physically abusing" an elderly female passenger, before punching Hickson's husband in the eye when he told the man to stop.

Her husband was left bleeding, and with a pair of broken glasses. 

'Flight from hell'

Another passenger, Sue Snodin, 56, described the trip as a "flight from hell", reported Mail Online. 

Both Snodin and Hickson said they felt the cabin crew did not do much to quell the situation. 

Instead, a group of male passengers stepped in, tackling and restraining the man at the back of the aircraft until the flight landed. 

Said Snodin: "When it was all over, the pilot came out of the cockpit, wiped his brow and asked if he had been removed, but there was no apology, nothing.

"I am putting a complaint into Ryanair."

A spokesman from Ryanair said: "The crew of this flight from Malaga to East Midlands requested police assistance on arrival after a passenger became disruptive.

"The aircraft landed normally and police removed and detained this passenger. Ryanair sincerely apologises to other customers for any inconvenience suffered on this flight. It is now a matter for Leicestershire police."

Source: Telegraph UK, Mail Online