Former EU trade commissioner: S'pore is the envy of others around the world

Former British Labour Minister, Lord Peter Mandelson, has said Singapore is the envy of many others around the world in his tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

In a letter to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Lord Mandelson said that Mr Lee Kuan Yew was "one of the giants of our lifetime".

"I visit many countries and Singapore is mentioned more than any other as the model people would like to adopt - that mixture of economic creativity and efficiency, iron discipline, accountability, and non-corruption in government, superb public services and provision for all and an internationalist outlook and network that others would die for," he said.

The former European Union trade commissioner also said Mr Lee was very kind and generous with his time for him and he was an admirer of his "judgment and unrivalled insight".

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