Free food, concerts, movies and World Cup screenings in Thailand

This article is more than 12 months old

Since the Thai military took power in a military coup on May 22, the junta have been out on a PR blitz to portray a softer side of military rule with its "national happiness" campaign. 

Led by commander-in-chief Pravut Chan-O-Cha, the "Return to National Happiness" campaign that kicked-off days after seizing power included free concerts and meals for people. Now, it's giving away movie tickets this weekend to promote "love and harmony". And, they'll be screening 38 World Cup matches for free on the army's TV5 channel, The Nation reported.

A press conference titled "TV5 returns happiness to Thai people to join the World Cup spirit" is scheduled to be held Thursday (June 12).

The free tickets are for the film, “The Legend of King Naresuan Part V”, which follows the story of King Naresuan the Great who ruled Siam, as Thailand was formerly known, from 1590 until 1605. The movie has nationalist overtones and plays heavily on the theme of self-sacrifice and patriotic love.

Its prequels were some of the highest-grossing films in Thai box office history.

“We need Thais to understand sacrifices made by monarchs in the past, the sacrifice of Thais and the unity of Thais in the past,” army spokesman Winthai Suvaree told Thai reporters on Wednesday. “So Thais today will have love and harmony after many years of political divisions.”


Source: The Star, The Nation, Bangkok Post, Reuters