'Free sperm donors' who actually have sex with strangers looking to conceive

Joe is a married man with three teenage children. He's also a successful internet entrepreneur. 

And whenever he can, he flies around the country to secretly have sex with women - as a "free sperm donor".

Joe, who offers his services through "natural insemination", has fathered more than 30 children through this seven-year "career".   

Unwilling to disclose his real identity for fear of his wife finding out, Joe likens his home life to being the "Clark Kent" to his "Superman" services to women as a free sperm donor. 

Usually, women, who want children and believe that sexual intercourse is the most effective method of conception, make contact with donors online.

With no money changing hands, they meet up and have sex with the aim of creating a child.

100 women

Speaking to ABC News' 20/20, Joe claims to have slept with more than 100 women as a free sperm donor. 

However, Joe, who describes himself as a discerning person, said: "I'm not having intercourse with these women when there's no chance of pregnancy,"  

Another free sperm donor who did not mind being identified was 23-year-old Kyle Gordy.

"I don't do any drugs, I don't smoke, I don't drink caffeine. I eat only sperm-friendly food: wheat, brown rice... fruit and vegetables," said Gordy.

Gordy told ABC News that he is not just looking for the sex, but to help women have children.

Source: ABC News, Mail Online