French police to raze illegal camp housing 1,000 migrants

This article is more than 12 months old

French riot police are preparing to raze an illegal camp in Calais holding up to 1,000 African and Middle Eastern migrants.

The court had set a deadline last week for the migrants to clear out of the camp by Monday (Aug 4).

The migrants are mostly young men in their 20s hoping to make their way across the Channel to England to start a new life.

Here are some photos of the camp.

A Sudanese migrant using a razor to shaves his friend's face.

A migrant drying his pants on a chair.

 A migrant sleeping on the grass in the woods close to a chemical factory in Calais.

An Eritrean migrant shaving his friend's hair with a razor in the woods.

An Eritrean migrant washing his hands before eating.

An Eritrean migrant cooking eggs outside his shelter in the woods.

Sources: Mail Online, Mirror