Friday the 13th lucky day for mega-million winning single mum

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Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day. Not for Ms Kelsey Zachow, a 24-year-old Michigan woman.

She bought a US$66 million (S$82 million) lottery ticket on Friday, June 13, Mail Online reported.

For 11 days, she carried the winning ticket in her purse.

On June 24, Ms Zachow, who plays lottery at least twice a week, checked her tickets at a petrol station near her home.

The clerk kept telling her “you won big”.

The single mother of a seven-month-old boy told a press conference on Thursday: “I jumped in my car and locked the door. I couldn’t breathe.


“I pulled in the driveway (at home) and got out screaming. My boyfriend thought I was in a car accident.”

Her boyfriend has a five-year-old daughter.

Ms Zachow and her boyfriend of three years Billy Bartlett

Ms Zachow and her boyfriend of three years Billy Bartlett

She is taking the money in one lump sum, which is about US$27 million after taxes​.

Now she is set for life and has decided to quit her part-time medical assistant and bartender jobs.

She plans to spend her millions on a dream home, provide education for the young children in her family, help relatives, take vacations, and have a few shopping sprees and buy cars.

She said she’ll probably shop for a sport utility vehicle, possibly a Jeep, Detroit Free Press reported.


Then, it’s off to an electric blue Mustang GT convertible with dual exhaust and leather seats.

Before this, the most cash she had won was US$50.

Her easy pick numbers were 07-38-46-49-56.

Source: Mail Online, Detroit Free Press


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