GALLERY: Terminally ill cancer patient and boyfriend get married in China hospital

This is an amazing tale of love, commitment and dedication. And it is bound to bring a tear or two to even the most hard-hearted.

Ms Fan Huixiang, 25, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Upon hearing the news, her 24-year-old boyfriend Yu Haining quit his job in Shandong to be with her in a hospital Zhengzhou, in China's Henan province.

Mr Yu has been so dedicated to his girlfriend that he decided to marry her. They have been together for five years.

They held their wedding ceremony at the hospital on Monday, local media reported.

“Every woman dreams of marriage. I don’t know how long can I survive. If I agree to marry him and leave him in the near future, what can he do?” said Ms Fan.

Said Mr Yu during the wedding ceremony: "Because of love, I hold your hands firmly; because of love, I hope for miracles. Please allow me to put on a wedding gown for you.”

Watched by their friends and relatives, they exchanged vows and rings. There was laughter and joy all around, at least for that day.

No matter what happens in the future, I will always be with her, Mr Yu said.

Ms Fan getting her make-up done on her bed before the wedding.

Ms Fan is helped by her father as they walk under a decorated arch during the ceremony

The newly-weds. Photos: Reuters

Sources: Reuters, Vision Times