German brothels see increase in trade after sudden Swiss franc appreciation

A jump in the Swiss franc against the Euro, which threatens to push Switzerland's economy into recession, is boosting trade in brothels across the border in Germany.

Those who earn wages in francs have been streaming into neighbouring countries in search of bargains since the Swiss central bank ditched a currency cap last month, making goods and services priced in Euros almost 20 per cent cheaper overnight.

Quoting from a Swiss newspaper, Reuters reported that employees of a German brothel, said that now that the Swiss franc has appreciated so drastically, 50 per cent of their customers come from Switzerland. 

German newspaper Bild reported that they found the car park of a separate German brothel half-filled with cars that bear Swiss number plates.

Swiss brothels are not taking the sudden lost of income lying down - some brothels are advertising special promotions in a bid to stem the flow.

Reuters reports that prostitution has been legal in Switzerland since 1942, while in Germany, prostitutes have been allowed to advertise and enter formal labour contracts since 2002.

Source: Reuters