Get the lowdown on S'pore kelong scene

This article is more than 12 months old

This book tackles fouls - of the kelong kind.

"Foul! The Inside Story Of Singapore Match Fixers", written by The New Paper's senior correspondent Zaihan Mohamed Yusof, gives an inside look at Singaporean kelong masterminds.

They are the men who made a worldwide impact on the international football scene.

The 152-page book will be launched on Monday at the SPH News Centre auditorium. It gives a detailed account of violence, dirty tricks, assault, suicide and murder as the deadly repercussions of match fixing.

There are interviews with kelong king Wilson Raj Perumal and other Singapore match fixers. The book also touches on the fight against match fixing, in light of the current 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Mr Zaihan won the Story Of The Year award for his report "Global Kelong Kings: Singapore has 'academy of match fixers', says Fifa" and was also named Journalist of the Year at the English and Malay Newspaper Division (EMND) annual awards in 2012.

Mr Zaihan said: "Following my EMND awards victories, my editor Mr Dominic Nathan suggested that we took a step further by writing a book on this topic."

The book, which was completed in three months, is based on research materials collated over a four-year period.


Mr Nathan said: "TNP prides itself in extensive football news reporting and investigative reporting on the game.

"Through his hard work, Zaihan has become one of the leading experts on this topic, having written over 140 investigative reports on global football match-fixing syndicates, particularly in Asia."

"In the tradition of TNP-style reporting, readers can expect scoops within the pages of the story - from how a convicted match fixer placed under house arrest is still able to direct match-fixing attempts overseas to revelations from the progenitor of match fixing in Singapore admitting that Dan Tan was once his runner," added Mr Nathan.

"Foul! The Inside Story Of Singapore Match Fixers" is available at leading bookstores at $19.26 (GST inclusive) from tomorrow. You can also order it from the Straits Times Press online bookstore at