#GetWellSoonLKY: Netizens share well wishes for former PM Lee Kuan Yew

As news spread that Singapore's former Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew was admitted to hospital for severe pneumonia, so too did the well wishes.

Using the hashtag #GetWellSoonLKY, netizens from all walks of life took to various social media platforms to share their well wishes for Mr Lee, 91.







Ministers and MPs also wished Mr Lee a speedy recovery.










Someone even started a Facebook page titled "Get Well soon Lee Kuan Yew" on Facebook, and it's connected to the Twitter account " Get well soon LKY"


Mr Lee was admitted to Singapore General Hospital on Feb 5 for severe pneumonia.

He remains on mechanical ventilation in ICU and is conscious and lightly sedated. 

His doctors are continuing to monitor his condition.

Source: Twitter, Facebook

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