Girl, 17, arrested and charged for leading high school prostitution ring in Florida

Police have arrested a 17-year-old girl for hiring students for a prostitution ring in Venice, Florida.

Alexa Nicole De Armas, was charged on Friday (Nov 21) with human trafficking after a 15-year-old female student was hired and forced to have sex with a 21-year-old. 

Alexa coordinated at least three deals on social media but police confirmed to the Herald Tribune that at least one act of prostitution took place.

The 21-year-old, named as John Michael Mosher, was also arrested on the same day. 

According to police, Mosher paid US$40 (S$52) plus a bottle of liquor to have intercourse with the 15-year-old.  

Alexa Nicole De Armas was charged with human trafficking of a person under 18 years of age.  PHOTO: Sarasota County Sheriff's Office  

"She (the 15-year-old) stated she told John she did not want to have sexual intercourse with him to which he disregarded and forcefully held her against the wall of the pool shed building, restricting her movement and ability to flee," the police report said.


Police were informed of the prostitution ring in October when four students at Venice High School revealed to administrators that Alexa and another male student requested for them to join in.

The suspects planned the prostitution of teens in exchange for payments in cash and alcohol.

Alexa coordinated for John to have sex with the underaged victim in August and ​c​onversations with other potential clients on the illicit business were found on Alexa's Facebook account. 

“Why pimp out old **** when I have fresh young **** I can give up for money?” De Armas wrote in one Facebook exchange to a business partner, adding, “As long as I'm getting paid I'm trafficking all these (expletive deleted).”

 A police spokesperson said that a third arrest is expected.

Source: RT, Fox News, Reuters, Tampa Bay Times


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