Girl, 20 months old, in coma after falling into pot of boiling soup at China home

She's only 20 months old.

But a toddler called Xiao Ru is enduring unimaginable pain and fighting for her life - after accidentally tripping and falling into a large pot of boiling soup at her home in Fujian province, China.

The incident happened on Nov 20.

Since then, Xiao Ru has been in a coma, NetEase reported.

 Xiao Ru's grandfather had warned her not to touch the soup while she was playing near the entrance of the house, where the pot was boiling on a stove.

But when he turned round, he discovered her inside the pot. She had sustained severe burns all the way up to her chest and was rushed to the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University.

Badly burnt

"Up to 30 % of her body is covered with severe burns," a doctor said. 

"Her internal organs are still developing and she almost couldn't take the impact of the burns, but fortunately the family sent her for treatment quickly."

The doctor added that Xiao Ru will still have to face a long and tough period of infection 48 hours after her extreme burns.

The girl's mother, 29, is currently at a loss as the family is unable to afford the 50,000 yuan (about S$10,600) treatment fee.

To pay the money, Xiao Ru's cancer-stricken father is insisting on being discharged from the hospital so he can borrow the amount needed.

Sources:, NetEase