Girl, 3, survives 11 days in Siberian forest. Her puppy led rescuers to her

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This little girl is definitely born to be wild.

After 11 days alone in a Siberian forest, which is home to many bears and wolves, Karina Chikitova was found alive, against all odds.

Three-year-old Karina's parents only reported her missing after five days because both of her parents thought she was with the other.

Her father had left on a trip on 27 July to a distant village. But he did not realise that his daughter and her puppy had followed him.

She then lost her father and was left alone in the forest with her puppy for company.

Karina was found eleven days later, taking cover in the long grass unable to speak. She appeared to be exhausted and frightened.

She reportedly survived by eating wild berries and drinking river water in territory roamed by wild bears and wolves.

In fact, the search party had actually confronted a bear during the rescue mission.

Yet, remarkably so, Karina only had mosquito bites and scratches to her feet.

Karina slept in the long grass, while her puppy kept her warm at night.

About nine days later, it was her puppy that returned home to guide rescuers to Karina.

She was then taken to a local hospital in Russia's Yakutia Republic, where she is in a critical but stable condition.

But her mother said she weighed "hardly ten kilograms".

Ekaterina Andreeva, a psychologist with the rescue team, said: "We can say that the girl's mind was not hurt. She is talking, she reacts normally to everything around her."

Source: The Siberian Times, Huffington Post