Girl finds missing dog cooked and ready to be eaten

The young girl in the photo is crying inconsolably.

She had just experienced the worst nightmare, according to the People's Daily Online.

The five-year-old from north Vietnam had been looking for her missing pet dog for the last few days.

She finally found him - but in a roast dog meat shop.

According to the online report, the dog, named Flower, had been cooked and was ready to be served.

It is not clear how the girl knew for sure that that was her missing dog, whom she has had as a pet for three years.

Online reports said the girl saw the dog lying on the street and ran towards it, shouting: "That's Flower!"

Dog meat is a popular dish in several Asian countries such as Vietnam and China.

Previous reports on the dog meat trade in Vietnam has said that up to 7 tonnes of dogs are shipped to Hanoi every year to be eaten.

Dog owners in Vietnam are also said to have their pets stolen from their gardens, reported The Daily Mail.

Source: People's Daily Online, Daily Mail