Girl to mum: Quit smoking if I get 10k retweets

Their mother has been smoking for 22 years.

How can they get her to stop?

Two sisters got creative in a bid to make their mother Renee kick the habit: 

Madison tweeted a picture of the contract on Wednesday night, which shows her mum signing off on the agreement on a piece of paper.

The contract reads: "I, Renee Lawson, hereby agree that if Madison Lawson gets 10,000 retweets on Twitter, I will quit smoking."

Within 24 hours, Madison’s tweet had reached far beyond her original target goal, with almost 14,000 retweets, the Daily Mail reported.

Since the time it was published, it has almost doubled with more than 19,000 retweets.

Not only did she get a lot more than what she bargained for, but Madison also attracted 300 new Twitter followers.

Here's what some supporters said:

Madison confirmed the next night that her mum has agreed to ditch the nicotine after she puffs through her last few packs.

"My mom said she’s gonna finish the few packs she’s got left and then she will stop," she tweeted.

You go, girl!

Sources: Mail Online, Twitter