Girl who pulls hair out shares struggle in amazing video

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This amazing video shows Ms Rebecca Brown's transformation from when she was just a child of 14 to a young woman at 21. 

The Briton started documenting herself because she has an impulse control disorder called trichotillomania -- she pulls out her hair when she feels anxious.

The condition is often chronic.

"Every day is a struggle not to revert back to baldness," Ms Brown wrote in the YouTube video description.

The six-and-a-half-year project covered 2,374 days, and the video is a compilation of some 2,100 photos she took, beginning Sept 12, 2007..

You can see her emotional rollercoaster ride from her captions, as she struggled with depression because of her condition.

She admitted that there were days where she struggled to take photos, "due to depression, suicidal periods or due to low self esteem caused by my marks and hair loss".


How did she keep the herself in the same position?

"I try to pose the same every time, and then I re-align every photograph in my video editor. Very time consuming - but it works," she answered in the video posted three weeks ago.

Ms Brown said while she has colour-corrected her photos, she does not edit any of her facial features or blemishes. 

She said that Trichotillomania is a life-long disorder and she still loses hair but not on the same scale.

Her message?

"Beauty is more than what we see with the eyes. People are more than their conditions."

"I am more than my hair and skin. This only shows my exterior, I hope that people will check out my videos to see more of the girl inside," she said in a comment. 

In another video,  Trichotillomania 1 Beckie 0, she shares her struggles as she tries to fight the urge to pull her hair out.​

Source: YouTube