Goodbye old school tech! Apple kills off iPod Classic, Microsoft to rebrand Nokia

The old always has to make way for the new.

Coming on the heels of Apple's major iPhone 6 and Apple Watch announcement yesterday is news about some products being discontinued. 

A moment of silence, please, for the iPod Classic. 

Yes, the the iconic MP3 player that dominated the music landscape when it first came out will no longer be produced, says Apple. 

Of course, fans were devastated.  

Done weeping? Unfortunately, there is more bad news.

The brand "Nokia" is set to be consigned to the rubbish heap of history.

According to GeekonGadgets, leaked internal Microsoft documents revealed that Microsoft, owners of Nokia, will no longer be using the Nokia or Windows Phone brands to promote it's phones.

The Verge has come out to say that the documents are indeed genuine.

Anyone else remember playing with interchangeable casings on the Nokia 3210? Or showing off your pretty Butterfly phone?

We feel you. 

Source: GeeksonGadgets, The Verge, Daily Mail