Google tests delivery drones in Australia

Amazon, Coca-Cola and now, Google.  

Google revealed that it is testing out a delivery system using its very own self-flying drones in Project Wing.

The news was announced on Thursday (Aug 28) on the Google YouTube page.

The Internet giant got around limitations on drone flights set by the US Federal Aviation Authority by testing it out in Australia, reported CNN. 

The drone has already delivered a candy bars, dog treats and first aid kits to a couple of farmers in Queensland, Australia. 

From the video, their drone has a fixed wing and four rotors that is able to take-off vertically and then fly like a typical airplane.

Google is selling the concept as a way for the company to make the world better by delivering badly needed items to far-flung areas that are not well served by roads.

Such as delivering first aid kits to the farmers. 

Developed by Google[x], it is the same of Google lab that is responsible for giving the world Google Glass and the self-driving car.

While delivering actual goods might be some years away, with Google you can expect a working product  in the near future.

Source: CNN, YouTube