Grandmother asks child to pee inside train, then complains about mess

A grandmother shocked commuters when she allowed her grandchild to openly pee inside a train before complaining that the carriage had become dirty.

According to eyewitness Ms Liu, the incident happened on Nov 23 when the train was on its way to Yuhong Guangchang in China.

Accompanied by the child's father, the grandmother carried the child near the carriage's entrance and pulled the boy's trousers down.

She then prompted him to pee on the spot. 

Brushed aside

Shocked by her request, the child's father scrambled to find an empty bottle but was helplessly brushed aside by the grandmother who insisted that the child urinate inside the carriage. 

Speaking to Shenyang Evening News, Ms Liu said that urine trickled all around the carriage, reaching the train seats. 

Audaciously, the grandmother acted as if nothing had occurred and even brought her child to another carriage saying: "This place is too dirty, leave quickly!"

Passengers had no choice but to abandon their seats after being unable to tolerate the mess. 

One passenger reportedly stepped on a puddle of urine.

Source: Shanghaiist