Granny shoots lover over bad sex

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What do women do when their partners cannot perform well in bed?

For this American, suffering in silence was out of the question. She made her anger known — by shooting him.

Sadie Bell, 58,  was convicted in April of shooting her lover Edward Lee, 60, in the stomach with a semi-automatic handgun. She was released from jail on bond last week, pending an appeal of her four-year prison sentence.

Bell told police that she was angry at him for the bad performance and believed he was cheating on her, CBS Detriot reported.

The catch: The couple had been carrying on a 15-year affair and the man was married to another woman.

Sadie Bell shot lover over poor sex The apartment where the shooting took place. Source: Mail Online

According to the police, the incident unfolded last year when the two had sex, then argued and began to shove each other. Bell, who is a grandmother of five, then went into the bathroom, came out with the handgun and shot him.

Her lover survived but spent five weeks in hospital recovering from damage to his liver, pancreas, colon and kidney.

Bell had allegedly shot another man — her husband — back in 1991.

She was not convicted of any crime then and her husband refused to testify against her. It is not known why she had shot the husband then.

She's dangerous

Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton said Bell should remain behind bars as she’s a risk to public safety.

He told The Oakland Press: “She has demonstrated that her past behaviour is…to act out in violence, not necessarily with reason.

“A normal person would walk away from situation when they felt they were being cheated on or leave — not take out a gun and shoot someone.”

Bell could have been jailed up to 10 years.

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