Grieving mother's plea to Putin

This article is more than 12 months old

A grieving mother called out to Russian president Vladimir Putin yesterday (Jul 20) for her son's body to be brought home.

Silene Fredricksz's 20-year-old son and his girlfriend Daisy, 23, were on board MH17. They were headed to Bali for a holiday. 

Speaking to a CNN reporter at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, Fredricksz said: "Mr Putin, please take care of my son... bring them home." 

She told CNN that her son's girlfriend, with whom he was travelling to Bali with, had just lost her own mother less than 3 months earlier.

Fredricksz and her husband were visibly overwhelmed with grief and anguish as they wait for news, not knowing where their son's body lay. ​


Source: CNN, Daily Mail