Grieving woman's handbag stolen at hospital, just hours after husband's death

grieving widow had her handbag stolen while she was praying at a hospital in Malaysia.

The incident took place on Friday in the prayer room of the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital in Kedah.

Retired nurse Che Piah Abu, 56, had retreated to the room to pray while waiting to claim the body of her husband, who had died from a stroke at about 2pm.

While inside the room at about 3.30pm, she put her handbag beside her.

"Suddenly, I realised that my handbag was missing.

“I quickly told my son, who was waiting nearby, and he went to look for a woman whom he had seen behaving suspiciously near the surau (prayer room),” said the widow.

Disposed of handbag

Her son found the woman at the hospital and confronted her.

The woman, who is in her 40sadmitted to stealing the bag.

She returned the widow's identity card, but claimed she had disposed of the handbag.

The woman was detained by security guards and taken away by police at about 5.30pm.

Source: The Star