Guess why woman wants to divorce husband? It's due to the size of...

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She was happy to have found love again after her first marriage broke down.

But there was no happily ever after for Aisha Dannupawa from Nigeria.

The mother of three had been married to her second husband Ali Maizinari for only a week when she filed for divorce.

The reason?

According to Mirror UK, she told the court that her husband's penis was too big.

This was the sole reason given for the annulment.

She told Nigeria newspaper Tribune:

"We had sex but the experience was a nightmare.

"Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else, because his penis was too big."

Apparently the pain was so severe that she had to take medication that her mother gave.

The dutiful wife tried a second time to have sex with her well-endowed husband but that proved to be just as traumatic.

And what was Mr Maizinari's response?

He didn't deny being stacked and said he would agree to the divorce if his dowry was reimbursed.

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Source: Mirror UK

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