Guilty of using expletives, rapper Namewee chooses social work over jail

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Malaysian rapper Wee Meng Chee has chosen to do three months of social work rather than serve a jail sentence for verbally offending a Tenaga Nasional Berhad officer five years ago. 

Better know by his moniker Namewee, the 31-year-old was charged in August for the offence he committed on Oct 2009.

The controversial artiste pleaded guilty to using obscenities in Mandarin on the officer, Wan Moh Hamat. 

The judge at a Session Court gave Namewee a choice of either three months' jail or three months of social service. 

Wee now has to clock in four hours of social work a day for the next three months.

Namewee burst into the public consciousness with his contentious remake of Malaysia’s national anthem in 2007, and has since chalked up a string of shenanigans and cemented himself as Malaysia’s most controversial entertainer.

Most recently, he composed Malaysia Cha Bor, sung by Malaysian teenager Joyce Chu, which became a YouTube hit with more than seven million views. 


Source: The Star Online

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