Hand too small for your large smartphone? The Japanese have a solution

Let's face it, the new smartphones are so big that you're going to have trouble operating them with just one hand.

Gone are the days when you can swipe, type and tap - all with one hand.

Never fear. Tokyo-based company, Thanko Inc is selling a device that will help you go back to the happy days of yore.

That's right, they're selling a thumb extender called "Yubi Nobiiru".

To be accurate, it is a stylus in the shape of a thumb.

Users can wear it over their - ahem - thumbs.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the designed-in-Japan and made-in-China device can be used with all smartphone devices. 

We're not sure if it's available in Singapore.

The gadget costs ¥1,480 and is, of course, one size fits all. 

Sources: Wall Street Journal, YouTube