Has the Loch Ness monster moved from Scotland to England?

On the eve of the vote on Scotland's potential independence, a picture has emerged that suggests that the iconic, elusive Loch Ness monster has decided to move south to England.

The photo, taken at England's Lake district, a popular tourist destination, shows the infamous silhouette of the mythical creature, but we're pretty cynical about the timing of this "revelation".

It was accidentally taken by one Ellie Williams, who claims she had initially set up her camera to automatically take pictures to capture the changing landscape on Wednesday (Sept 10), reported British tabloid, the Mirror

While she was able to capture a few shots of some native birds, she also noticed that she had a picture that looked strangely like that of Scotland's favourite monster. 

"I’m open to suggestions as to what the creature could be – I’m just glad I put the camera in the right place at the right time," she told Daily Mail. 

But the picture popping up so close to the date of the referendum has raised a suspicions that the image is nothing but a wily campaigner's publicity stunt. 

The Daily Mail reported that the photo was shared on Twitter by a company that makes automatic cameras and that Williams provided photographs to the company.



The referendum will be held next week but the campaign has already seen a few British banks such as Lyolds and Royal Bank of Scotland announcing that they would be relocating their headquarters to London if the Scots vote "yes" to an independent Scotland.

Source: The Mirror, Daily Mail, Reuters. 


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