Have 1-cent arrears? M'sian council fines woman 1,000 times the amount

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One of her property assessment bills came to RM28.12 (S$11) .

Peggy Lim, 80, always made it a point to promptly settle her bills – especially when they concerned quit rent and assessment. 

“I received three assessment bills in July and promptly paid the amount at the nearest post office," she recalled.

The octogenarian, who is hard of hearing, said she had made the payment on July 31 after the clerk at the post office calculated the amount.

“The assessment for one of the properties was RM28.12 and the clerk rightly charged me RM28.10 as the rounded down figure," she said.

But Lim received a notice from the council last month, informing her that she had “defaulted” on the half-yearly assessment due on her property in Port Dickson, The Star reported.

Arrears, so fined 1,000 times the amount

She was shocked.

Even more shocking was the RM20 fine the Port Dickson Municipal Council (MPPD) slapped on her for “defaulting” on her half-yearly assessment. 

The pink notice issued by the council stated that Lim had “two sen in arrears” and that she was being fined RM20. In total, Lim will be required to pay RM20.02.

An official from the MPPD Evaluation and Property Management division confirmed that Lim had indeed been slapped with a fine but could not explain why this had been issued despite her making the payment.

Lim said she hoped the council would quickly resolve the matter and revoke the notice.

“I have already fulfilled my responsibility to pay up,” she said.

Source: Star Online