Haze makes a late-season comeback

The Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) went into the unhealthy range again yesterday afternoon.

The three-hour PSI began going up from 7am, but it remained in the moderate 50-100 range till 3pm, when it hit 104.

It kept climbing and peaked at 127 at 9pm before dropping off slightly.

At 11pm, the 24-hour PSI was 85-91 in the various regions of Singapore.

If this hits the unhealthy band above 100, it is recommended that strenuous outdoor exertion should be reduced.

There had been relatively clear skies for a few days, and last week the Meteorological Service had said that Singapore can expect more rain and less haze, with the dry season coming to an end. The increased rainfall would help put out the fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan in Indonesia that lead to the smoke haze being blown to Singapore.

But it had also warned that there may still be occasional slight haze on some days because of the accumulated of particulate matter in the air under light wind conditions.