He dies over $1.10 taxi fare

He wanted to avoid paying the RM3 (S$1.10) taxi fare. But he ended up paying with his life.

The fare dodger, a Bangladeshi man known as Ashraful, had flagged down a cab in Kuala Lumpur yesterday (May 21).

The 29-year-old was with his friend and they wanted to go to the Sunway Giza mall nearby.

As the cab passed the expressway, Ashraful asked how much the fare would cost.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Azmi Abu Kassim said the driver told them the expected fare - about RM3 - but Ashraful said he would not pay.

To escape, he jumped onto the highway

The driver reportedly said he would not let them get off without payment - and claimed Ashraful’s friend started choking him.

That's when a scuffle broke out.

As the taxi came to a stop outside a condominium, the two jumped out with the taxi driver in pursuit.

Witnesses saw Ashraful climb over the railing and jump onto the highway below.

He hit the hard pavement and died of head injuries. His friend was seen running towards a petrol station a few kilometres from the bridge, ACP Azmi said.

Police are still tracking him down.

Source: Star Online

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