He faked his death because he didn't want to marry his fiance

If you think a break-up SMS is a cowardly way to end a relationship, this man took it at least ten steps further.

An American man faked his own death to escape his impending marriage.

Just months before her wedding day,  to  Alex Lanchester, who is British, received a call from a man claiming to be the father of her fiance,​ Tucker Blandford.

He told Lanchester: "This is Tucker's dad. There's no easy way to say this... I am sorry to say that Tucker is dead."

He also added that the younger Blandford had been deeply depressed and wanted to die and had thrown himself in front of a car.

Lanchester,23, completely devastated, broke down and cried.

But she made sure to call Blandford's parents back to offer her condolences.

Told parents that the couple had split up

That's when the truth came out.

Blandford's real parents had no clue what Lanchester was talking about - her son was still alive and well.

In fact, his parents did not even know they were engaged and planning a wedding. Tucker had told his parents that they had split.

Needless to say, she was very upset.

"All I ever did was love him," said Lanchester. "After this I'm not sure I can trust a man ever again."

The two had met in 2012 when Lanchester was studying in Connecticut where her former fiance was based.

After a year in the States, she had to move back home to Britain and the two decided to pursue a long distance relationship. He had even proposed to her at the time and began making plans for their wedding.

Fiance: Relationship was hard

So what did Blandford have to say

"Alex is an amazing girl but I got scared and wanted to get out of the relationship. It was moving extremely fast, and with us being in different countries, it was really hard," he said.

Even a text would have sufficed, Tucker.

Thankfully, she says she has moved on and has a "better life" being on her own.

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