He fights back against a crocodile and survives

An Indonesian man living in Malaysia has survived a crocodile attack by punching the reptile's eyes repeatedly.

Mr Muliana Malla, who is in his 40s, was washing his hands at a river at Kuala Sungai Suai in Batu Niah, a small town in Sarawak.

A 2m-long crocodile suddenly leapt out of the water and sunk its teeth into the man's hip, reported the Harian Metro.

"The water was calm when the crocodile suddenly appeared and attacked my hip. I was then dragged for 2m to the centre of the river forcing me to fight to save my life," Mr Muliana was quoted as saying.

"I tried to fight it but it continued to continued to be violent. After that, it bit my right hand forcing me to use my left hand to punch the crocodile.

"While in pain, I punched the crocodile's eye multiple times until it stopped biting (me)," he said when recounting the incident.

Source: Harian Metro

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